blog-images-heels and rolled up jeansBuying a pair of new pants or jeans for yourself, only to realize the length is just not right, is undoubtedly among the most frustrating experiences in life for most people. After all, just when you wanted to go out wearing your new duds, you instead have to sit and worry about how have them altered.

The question primarily becomes a matter of timesewing proficiency, or a combination of the two.

While some of us are skilled enough to take out our sewing machines and fix the problem instantly, others might have to resort to professional help.  

So, just when can you go solo for hemming your jeans and when should you trust your tailor to the do the sewing for you?  

Consider a situation in which your pants or jeans have been bought for casual wearing. You might realize that taking them to a good tailor for hemming would be a case of cost outweighing benefits. So if you know how to use a sewing machine to hem them properly, go for it.  

Furthermore, might you be itching to learn a few hem sewing skills and have some time, these less-publicly-worn garments are the perfect items to use to learn the techniques.

When You Can and Should DIY:

It is important to remember that the best way to hem your jeans is to preserve the look of the original hem. The same goes for pants that have any details such as cuffs – these are the elements that can make them so special. 

Many brands have their unique spin on pant and jean hem styles – this is what can give them the unique look. Luckily, the designers’ take on hems are typically a combination of standard sewing methods and details. You can identify key areas that will require a certain amount of care to duplicate, and then proceed with your hemming.

Therefore, if you have access to a domestic sewing machine and are able to handle sewing a line of straight, blind hem, and zig zag stitches, you can definitely replicate the manufacturer’s finished hem style. You’ll save the out-of-pocket expense by investing a little bit of your time to go through the process.  

Rest assured that it is possible to take the matter of hemming pants and jeans into your own hands.

When You Should Not Bother to DIY:

In the case that you want to preserve the originality of pants or jeans with details that are strange or scary to you, you can seek the help of a friend that knows how to sew or you can choose to take your pants or jeans to a professional who will be able to accommodate the hem modification and stay true to the original look.

Seeking professional help is more critical in the event that your pants are to be worn professionally or at special occasions. Using a tailor is also advised if you foresee wearing your pants or jeans formally, a situation when everything about you from head to toe is under the scanner. For those important moments, it is crucial to invest in a good tailor who will make your pants or jeans look exactly as you expect.

Beware of the rare pants, jeans, or dresses that you are particularly attached to, despite them being out of fashion. A complete alteration of an older or vintage garment as a DIY undertaking in order to make them fit the current style (or a fashion whim) should be considered cautiously

You might inadvertently ruin these particular pieces in the process of hemming and have no further way to re-imagine them. Take into account the final look you are after- be it: a perfect match, distressed, or stylistically different. Then ask yourself if you have the confidence to DIY.

As long as you know what you are in for in terms of the sewing process or attaining some basic sewing skills, you can proceed in the task of hemming.  If you are unsure, then the work might be better left to the discretion of a trained tailor.