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Is Essential Zipper Sewing only for more advanced people?

If you’re more advanced it will help you achieve zipper mastery and have confidence sewing more complex projects.

And it’s great for beginners who have high ambitions because it gives room to grow and be at ease trying projects that would normally be out of reach.

How do I get my class?

It's simple:  1 - open your login email, 2 - login on the class page, 3 - start using your lessons.

Is this a recurring or single payment?

Just make one single payment. Then it's yours! 

How much time does this take?

Whether you have lots of time or not - these short individual lessons fit into the time you already have.

You'll make progress quickly with each precisely guided video. Use them all at once or spread them out. 

You have access to them for life 24/7 --- available whenever you need them.

What's Included in Essential Zipper Sewing?

- - - 4 Core Class Modules - - -

- - - 3 Bonus Deluxe Modules - - -

- - - 36 Step-by-Step Online Video Lessons - - -

- - - Packed with Time-Tested Techniques - - -

Module 1: Centered Zipper Application

Simple steps for sewing your zipper centered on a seam with exposed stitching along bottom and sides -- Value $57

Module 2: Lapped Zipper Application

Sew your zipper with a narrow fold of fabric covering the length of the zipper - a nice variation for zippers in a centered seam or along a side seam -- Value $57

Module 3: Invisible Zipper Application

An elegant way to insert a zipper so that it is almost completely hidden in any centered or side seam -- Value $67

Module 4: Zipper Fly Application (Deluxe)

Every step for inserting your zipper into a fly is included here so it's easy to follow along and succeed - useful for all-purpose, metal, or sportswear zippers -- Value $127

Bonus 1: Zipper Prep and Mods (Full Set)

Learn how to prepare your all-purpose and invisible zippers + modify zipper length -- Value $27

Bonus 2: Metal Zipper Techniques

Learn how to form stops by machine and by hand + techniques for cutting -- Value $27

Bonus 3: G-A-S-P Full-Length Tutorials

End zipper problems completely with in-depth techniques for the Goldilocks Test, getting zippers Arrow Straight, more on Spacing Pins and Placing Tape -- Value $97

- - - $459.00 Total Course Value - - -


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But What if this Doesn't Work for Me?

You can rely on Sandra's “Love-Your-Zipper-Results” 100% Money-Back Guarantee. It's there to protect you for 1 Full Year no matter the circumstance:

"I guarantee my techniques will work… even if this is your first zipper attempt.

They will help you prevent mediocre, crooked, uneven zippers forever."

--- Sandra Espinoza, your dedicated sewing guide

What Makes Essential Zipper Sewing So Different?

This is the lifelong remedy to confusing, vague and incomplete instructions! All levels of sewists - beginner or more skilled - find all the answers they'll ever need in Essential Zipper Sewing.

Guidance through precise and simplified sewing steps means they never worry ... and their projects get finished.

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The Essential Zipper Sewing online course is taught by Sandra Espinoza - designer and sewist for over 3 decades. She is the author of I Dream of Sewing and the host of Sewing Theory Podcast.

She carves out time to create custom formal wear and suiting for fellow artists and designers. Most recently she is on sabbatical from operating her drapery and soft furnishings workroom in Fort Worth, Texas.

Sandra teaches online sewing courses helping creators around the world. With her obnoxiously precise guidance and insightful advice ... these passionate students have been able to get outstanding results without having to think so hard.

When you buy this Online Course, you will:

  1. Learn Sandra's streamlined sewing methods that have been fine-tuned in more than 35 years of sewing. She's made all the zipper mistakes that are humanly possible ... so you'll never have to!
  2. Never be at the mercy of confusing instructions because you'll be sewing smarter. With lessons designed to give you structured guidance... you'll never have to guess or stress.
  3. See precisely what to watch out for so you can avoid re-doing anything.
  4. Apply these steps to your own projects including simple and complex garments, bags, home decor, and crafts. Essential Zipper Sewing will help guide you along so you can be confident in getting everlasting zipper results for a lifetime.

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