You’ll need two kinds of thread to hem your jeans correctly.  One is for construction.  The other is for topstitching.  Both threads can be polyester or cotton wrapped polyester fiber.

Construction thread is the kind used for regular sewing tasks and is usually marked with these names:

  • all purpose
  • dual duty

Use one similar in color to your jeans.

Topstitching thread can be any of the noticeably thicker types and is marked with these names:

  • heavy
  • heavy duty
  • extra strong
  • topstitch
  • topstitching

Use the closest color match to what was used by the manufacturer.

You can use threads marked for use as “Denim” or “Jeans,”  but be careful.  This does not mean that they are to be used for hemming jeans.  Depending on the thickness, they might be intended for making jeans or sewing denim, or only for topstitching.  Compare them to any of the others listed above before making your final selections.

Take your jeans with you to the store to find good options for topstitching.  The gold threads that are available might not be as great a match as a neutral color like tan.   Don’t forget to grab the right sewing needles and a couple of other notions, too!

Which did you pick for your hemming project?