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- Available Now -

Cooperative Machine, Happy You

Keep your sewing machine's quirks to a minimum so it becomes your trustworthy partner

- Available Now -

Fine Tuning a Beautiful Stitch

Construct long-lasting and well-made stitches for continuous sewing success - troubleshooting included

- Available Now -

Sewing Stitches and Feet

We're stretching the uses of both, making the most of specific stitches plus using sewing feet in multiple ways

- Available Now -

Sewing Seams, Corners, and Curves

Seaming basics plus collars, cuffs, and pockets: trimming, grading, notching, and turning

- Available Now -

Buttons and Their Holes

Where, why, and how for sew-through and shank-style buttons, plus spacing adjustments and buttonhole styles

- Begins Now -

Zipping It Up

Standard, invisible, exposed, and fly applications using all-purpose, metal, and sportswear styles

- Begins Now -


Raw through classic and tailored styles using different stitching variations on woven fabrics and knits

- Begins June 24 -

Facings, Interfacings, and Linings

Why and when to use different weights, plus methods in constructing with different fabrics and specific garments

- Begins July 22 -

Elastic,  Closures, and Other Notions

Hooks, snaps, grommets, frogs, velcro, boning, horsehair braid, and using various tapes

- Begins Aug 12 -

Edge Finishes and Bindings

Top stitching, edge stitching, under stitching, bindings, and using seam tape as an alternative to facings

- Begins Aug 26 -


Rickrack, soutache, ribbon, gimp, lace, specialty hand stitching and other decorative trimmings

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