Welcome to the Inner Spool!

I (Sandra) have this open to you for an entire 12 months! I will take any and all questions, visiting the site every week to reply to your most pressing questions. Also feel free to use this area for any questions about the course content until the comments areas under the videos are functioning correctly.

I will visit this forum - usually on Tuesdays. I am human, so during vacation or holidays, I might not be present until the following week!

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4 responses to “TESSS-inner spool QA”

  1. Hello Sandra, am loving your step very step program so far. You have been very busy putting this together.

    I write to let you know that in the first module ‘Cooperative Machine, Happy You’ the Top Loading Bobbin video shows the Front Loading one.


    • Elisa, Glad you’re enjoying it. I will fix that link now! I double check, but having your eyes on it and feedback are so important. Thanks a ton!

  2. Hi Sandra,
    I hope you are well.

    I log in every so often and can see that some modules outlined when I enrolled, that I can see were scheduled to be accessible through the year, have not yet been put up. I was wondering if we will still see them? I know producing them takes time.

    Also I want to ask you if you could cover sewing machine needles – different types and what they’re used for, tips and traps. I ask this as I recently broke many needles trying to sew through neoprene. Being inexperienced on this, it took awhile to get the right needle size.

    Many thanks and warm regards,

    (Melbourne, Australia)

  3. Hi Sandra,
    Please ignore my request about needles. I have just found the videos in the 3 week Quick Start section, so fantastic that you made videos on this topic. And I could have saved myself so much trouble if I had found them earlier.

    I must have overlooked them.

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