- MODULE 3 -

Sewing Stitches and Feet

We're stretching the uses of both, making the most of specific stitches plus using sewing feet in multiple ways

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Triple Stretch Stitch:           Crotch and Underarm Seams

Triple Top Stitch:               Decorative and Edge Stitching

Straight Stitch in the Ditch:   Securing Facings in Seams

Basting Stitch - 4 Ways:   Matched to Your Task

Elastic Stitch:  Lingerie or Wrist and Ankle Details

Triple Zigzag Stitch:     Breakage-Free Knit Hemlines

Flat Joining Stitch, 2-in-1:       Seam and Finish Pile Fabrics

Decorative Cover Stitch, 2-in-1: Flatten and Finish Seams

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