blog-images-tailoring shopThere is no better way to guarantee that your newest fashion find will fit you properly than by enlisting the services of an excellent tailor who will support you in your style and fashion needs.

Which of these is guiding you when you walk through your tailor’s door?

    1. An Emergency?  It will either be expensive or of poor quality.
    2. Limitless Patience?  Think reasonably priced and of good quality.
    3. A Tight Wallet?  Envision a slow turn around and of reasonable quality.

When it comes to having your clothes tailored to a perfect fit, a tailor can transform your wardrobe into something more polished and maintain your desired style.  Using the talents of a good tailor will ensure that your new favorite pair of jeans fit like a glove – he or she can even help you out of a jam when a fast fix such as a hem adjustment is necessary.

What some people don’t realize is that it is relatively inexpensive to have alterations made for everyday garments.  Even minuscule alterations can take your style to edge of perfection.

Like it or not, designers can’t always get sizing right for an off-the-rack garment that was conceived to fit the masses.  Even if you do end up with something that fits well, it may still need a bit of altering.  The seams and hems of jeans, pants, and dresses are a common item to have altered because a manufacturer’s standard fit and length sizing doesn’t always match our different sized bodies. 

Are you looking for good, fast or cheap?  In order to be fully educated on the subject of seeking a tailor’s service, take a look at these tips on what to expect when using a tailor or other sewing professional for your fashion finds. 

Expensive Needs

If you need an item altered quickly (like in the next 24 hours!) the direct result of that need is a higher cost for doing the job.  Don’t be afraid to incur the extra expense for this fast fashion fix – it could make or break your entire outfit.  Always keep in mind that looking your best keeps your style effortlessly chic and polished. There is nothing worse than an ill-fitting dress or gown! If your dress is too long, not only will it look messy, but it will have the opposite effect you were after.

We all know that a last minute realization like this usually becomes an emergency.  The immediacy of this kind of situation makes the alteration well worth the expense.

Patience is a Fashion Virtue

Picture yourself in a theoretical world where you have an amazing new tailor and he or she is just fantastic at what they do, is low-to-reasonably priced, and has your stuff back to you in a flash!  Okay, now real life. 

Most good tailors keep you looking like a million bucks and in return you have an affordable way to maintain your wardrobe styling – alas, you must be patient because it will take a good amount of time before your garments are ready.  Patience is a fashion virtue with a good quality and reasonably priced tailor.  You know that good things come to those who wait. 

Going Cheap

In a perfect world no one would receive poor quality or service and then have to pay for something unsatisfactory.  In reality, talk is cheap.  This concept applies to all aspects and services within the fashion industry, including the little dry cleaning and tailoring shop that have ideas of patronizing.  

If you find that you have access to a tailor who will agree to do things like hemming your pants, jeans, skirts or dresses with fast and cheap service, be wary. Unless you can ultimately trust your tailor with your seriously expensive designer jeans or vintage dress, you might just have to forgo the fast and cheap route.  Doing so can save your prized possessions from shabbiness and, quite possibly, ruin.

What are you looking to have altered?  What route did you go?  Do you have a great tailor?