To get the best return on the investment of your time and money, you’ll want to get the shrinkage out of that great-fitting pair of pants or jeans before they are hemmed.

It can be surprising how much they’ll shrink.  By putting them through the entire cycle of care twice, you will have sufficiently shrunk them.  Simply refer to the information on the garment label.

Be certain of the length you want by trying on every shoe you intend to wear with your pants or jeans. In modifying the length to work with a few pairs of shoes, even just a quarter of an inch, you can extend their usefulness in your wardrobe.

If a tailor or dressmaker will be hemming your pants or jeans, let him/her do the marking – and don’t forget to take your shoes with you.

Did you know that many dressmakers and tailors will refuse to hem pants and jeans unless they’ve been pre-shrunk?